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Stadtplan Buenos Aires 1:12 500 / Strassenkarte Argentina Northeast 1:2.2 Mio.

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CHF 16.00
ISBN 978-1-5534-1623-4
Éditeur International Travel Maps
Parution 2013
Reliure Landkarte

This map was researched on the ground in January, was released in May, and we forgot to send out a press release. Shame on us! Regardless, Buenos Aires is one of the nicest cities in South America, and we are pleased to be issuing our 4th edition of this vibrant city. The most noteworthy comment I can make about changes to the artwork is to note that we have removed several proposed and future rapid transit lines that show no signs of being built in the foreseeable future. This is regrettable, but necessary. A map should present what IS, not what visionaries wish it were. Apart from that, we have updated our presentation to modern standards.

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